Living the Dream

aka How I Drummed up the Nerve to Leave my Safe Boring Job for a Scary New Reality

If you’re reading this, I’ve quit my job. Quit, after over 7 years working in a job I didn’t really want, with no super concrete positions just a plan and the hope that it will work out.

Backtracking a bit: Hi, I’m Lindsay a (now) full time social media marketer. After three years of teaching myself social media (we’ll get to that) and finding volunteer and part time jobs I decided a few months ago that it was time to see if I could do this.  Really do this. Change careers, do what I want to do, support myself from a job I love, not one that I fell into seven years ago and have tried to escape from since. Do I have a plan?  …ish… But I have a blog so that’s something!

Why a blog?  I’m not really sure. It might be helpful to me and maybe to someone else out there, maybe even you!  What am I going to write about?  Also not really sure. Definitely social media and my experiences with it and maybe some other stuff, we shall see!  I used to think I didn’t have enough interesting things to say to have a personal twitter account let alone a blog.  It still is true, I use my twitter mainly to retweet Harry Potter and West Wing stuff (#whatanerd #hufflepuffpride #whatsnext). I’ll try to stay away from those topics here (can’t promise anything) but you never know where you might tangent. So. A blog. Here it is and here we go.


4 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. Good luck with living the dream!!!

  2. “Go. Live your dream.”
    – Hook Hand Guy from Tangled
    : P

  3. An inspiring read – good luck!

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