Out of My Comfort Zone

Presenting at LMME

So this week I presented at the LMME (Lower Mainland Museum Educators) about social media. It was kind of a crazy process. Not only because I am vastly afraid of public speaking but when I was asked I was like, ‘whaaa? You want me? I’m not an expert!’ For a long time afterwards, I felt like just agreeing to this made me a fraud. I was going to present ideas to people who probably knew more than me and were going to pelt me with fruit. It also didn’t help that they are educators and interpreters and I hate speaking in public. Having a best friend who talks for a living is great because then you don’t have to but also is awful because you know how good people do it…and you are surrounded by those people. But I agreed to do it, so I just have to get my shield ready for the tomatoes


(did I mention a shield just so I could search Chris Evans gifs?  Nooooooooo, definitely not….)

Why did I agree to do it? Well firstly I think I was in the middle of watching some sappy show on Netflix so I was weak. Secondly my ego was like ‘oh hell ya I’m sups not a fraud, I’m amazing, let’s do this!’ and I responded really quickly. But I think the main reason why I decided I was sticking with it was due to some great advice from my little bro (in law) when we talked about my new life over Christmas. He said to never turn down a networking event and that networking can be the most important thing you do as a freelancer or an entrepreneur (which he is-Stuart Kinnear, CEO, Interface Fluidics). You never know where an interaction can take you. That part I already knew. I can trace basically my entire life path back to my mom signing me up to volunteer for the summer after Grade 10 (thanks mom!). I’m not saying that my life wouldn’t be similar if I hadn’t started volunteering then but most of the experiences and opportunities I’ve had in life happened due to that. Including this one. I met my three best friends because of volunteering and we started Whale Tales and Physarum and Life Wives because of it and that’s how I fell into social media. So, you never know where something will take you. Take a chance, take a risk. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best (also a great piece of advice from Mom). So that’s what I did for this presentation. The worst would be that they laughed me off the stage, but I knew some of the people who were going to be there and thought that was pretty unlikely, they are pretty nice. So really the worst is that they talked about how bad I was behind my back. But I can’t do anything about that. The best outcome is that I gave a decent presentation and had some great questions and feedback and maybe came out with a few opportunities whatever they may be. But regardless of what happened I would know that I did it. A new and scary opportunity within my new and scary new life and I did it. So, go me.

Something did happen when I started to make my presentation (god bless power point) and is actually why I’m writing this blog 11 days before my presentation takes place. I realized that I’m not a fraud. I have things to say about social media and advice to give and I know my stuff. I know what kinds of things they are looking for and what kind of questions they will ask me. I’m still going to prep my ass off but just making this slide show with dumb animation and back grounds gives me confidence in my ability. So, this new and scary opportunity is already giving back. Who knew?


Update:  I gave the presentation yesterday and it went really well! As expected I stumbled over lots of words and my face got super hot and red but that is how I always am when I talk out loud for extended periods of time, nothing I can do about. Even thinking about it afterwards, I wasn’t actually nervous, I guess stumbling and stuttering is how I speak in public. There were some great questions afterwards, Physarum got a few more followers and some website hits and it’s only been a day! So, take home lesson for the day: take a chance, take a risk, prepare for it and do it and kick its ass. I believe in you!


Photo Credit: Keely Langford

3 thoughts on “Out of My Comfort Zone

  1. I’m do incredibly unbelievably proud of you. ?
    And you ARE sups amazing!

  2. This was great to read, I’m glad to see that you are going to new places in your comfort level…awesome!

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