Year In Review: 2019

Second year same as the first just a little bit harder and a little bit better? Here we are at the second anniversary of my new life with a look back at the year that was… (full disclaimer, I wrote this in December but does that really matter?)

Some images from the year…work, Whale Tales, the blog and Nature Finds A Way…

It was a good year overall, very stable, especially compared to my first year. As usual I ran a lot and I read a lot and I spent as much time as I could in Calgary with my new nephew (babies are a great way to ensure you don’t work on your vacation!).

I think what I am proudest of this year is my podcasts. After we went to the second (and last ?) Podcon in January Sara and I really worked to get Nature Finds a Way  sounding better (that was mainly her!) and on a more professional, regular schedule. We did some amazing episodes this year that I love and I’m super excited to continue! (pssst don’t forget to subscribe! ? )

When we launched the Whale Tales Podcast in April (read more about all the things we’ve done with Whale Tales this year here) I started treating Whale Tales more professionally like one on my clients as opposed to just there in the background. It was interesting and a tad depressing to look at some of the engagement rates and ROI data that we have especially given our high follower numbers but as always, a great way to improve and hopefully give our followers what they want (so they in turn give us what we are hoping for….) it still remains my favourite activity which is weird maybe but whatever.

Otherwise work was good. I lost some clients and I gained some contracts. I made mistakes and I learnt new skills. And I worked. A lot. Like kind of an insane amount but since I enjoy doing it, I think that’s fine. It can be hard to make myself take breaks (see above: nephew distractions!) but I’ve learned to listen to my body more about when I am reaching burnout (is this because I made my body and mind so overwhelmingly exhausted at points that it was screaming out to me? Maybe…….) and I’ve spent a lot of energy on keeping myself sane. It is very hard to not be constantly depressed when you spend your entire day online. But I’ve learned to mute some certain words on Twitter and to fill as much of my news feeds with funny, happy things (thank the galaxy for the magic that is Baby Yoda!). I’ve always felt that the content I create needs to be educational, purposeful and true and more and more I’m working to make it positive and helpful and maybe give someone a laugh. We need that and I have the power to do it so why not?

So, with that rambly review of the year (that I wrote mainly while on a run…) onwards. Another year full of hopes, dreams, to do lists, goals and challenges. I can’t wait.


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  1. congratulations on 2 successful years !

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