Plastic Free January Part Trois

We made it to 2021! Wooooooooot. Now since climate change and a deadly virus don’t give a poop about the Gregorian calendar let’s get to work on fixing what we can, starting with another check in our plastic use and overall footprint on the world.

Now that it’s been ten months since the world blew up (wtf?!), your “new normal” should hopefully be pretty set up. So, what can you change to make it more sustainable?

March 2021 is now less than two months away but I think somehow it is still March 2020???

If you are working from home, chances are your overall footprint is more sustainable now that your commute is only to and from the fridge and you’ve been wearing the same sweatpants since you changed out of your sweatpant shorts in August.

However, since digitally is now the safest way to do pretty much everything, you are probably ordering online a lot more. If that is what works for you and keeps you safe keep doing it of course but look at what you are ordering and who from -is in-store pick up a safe option? Is there a local option that also delivers? Do you need it right away? (faster shipping often equals emptier trucks and more trips) Do you need it at all? We are all comfort buying because it’s easy and a distraction and makes us feel better but maybe take a day to think about what you are going to purchase and if it is something you truly cannot live without in this moment.

One of the frustrating parts of initial lockdown for me (besides from you know everything) was the inability to drop off soft plastic and donate old clothes. Now that those are both open again, I’m slowly working on getting rid of all my unwanted clothes-the first thing I did was go through what I thought I wanted to donate back in March and pulled a bunch of stuff back out – my lifestyle and therefore my clothing needs have changed dramatically and that old chestnut “throw out what you haven’t worn in a year’ doesn’t really work anymore. But that doesn’t mean you should throw out all your fancy clothes either-you’ll need them for the giant celebratory ball that will happen after everyone is vaccinated (I mean, I assume there will be a ball!) but do be critical with what you keep. Even in the After Times will you wear it?


Since the earliest we can have a ball is next December, this is what I’ll be wearing

There are also the obvious tips that are worth repeating: reusable masks! Throw away your PPE safely and properly (cut your mask straps, assure all your masks, gloves and wipes are disposed of safely and securely). While we still can’t use travel mugs at most coffee shops (uggggggggggg), reusable bags are back at some grocery stores and you can always request no plastic cutlery when you order your takeout. Hand sanitizer is now back on shelves-can you buy a big one and refill your small travel bottles? Do you need to use sanitizer at home if soap is an option? (bar soap or a large refillable liquid soap bottle) If you are at home do you need to use a Lysol wipe to clean your phone or can you use a cloth and soap? (lots of recipes and tips online for this!) Now that you have a routine and are at home most of the time, try to incorporate some sustainability into your cleaning plans. It doesn’t take long, and I know you have the time.

Hopefully, some of these tips will spark an idea or two in you as we head into a brighter year (pleeeeeaaaaasssssseeeee!). As I’ve said since lockdown started:


but this time it’s not just about staying safe but staying environmentally conscious as well.

Now go clean your phone-sustainably!

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