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Nearly 10 years ago Paula (our President and Founder) was chatting with friends and co-workers about choosing her next book to read. She starting discussing the “book rut” that she was experiencing. She had struggled to pick up something out of her usual genre and wanted to figure out how to branch out and keep motivated to read and explore new topics and writing styles. And she wasn’t alone in this! She found other bibliophiles that wanted to read and stay motivated too! And as an added bonus we also all loved cheese, wine and discussing books.  Starting a book club seemed like a natural progression and to be completely honest we thought people would lose interest or it would just peter out on its own after a few books. And yet through good times and bad, Covid, long distance moves, most of us no longer being co-workers (but still being very good friends!) we are nearing our 10-year anniversary!

We have so far as a group read 93 books and have decide to put out a challenge to ourselves to finish 100 books by September.  And this is where you come in. We are all lovers of books and what they have given us over our lives and we want to help others join in our love of books! We are selecting the literacy charity, Write to Read, to donate to and would love for you to sponsor us to motivate us to read faster and reach our goal of 100 in 10.  You can find out more about the charity we have selected here.

Thank you for anything you want to contribute and happy reading!

Donate to Write to Read: 

 Be sure to add “Write to Read” to the memo section of your etransfer 🙂

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