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Squad goals. Job goals. Hockey goals. All important, and all have amusing memes related to them. But that is not the purpose of this blog (sadly). Instead we are talking about social media goals and looking at the purpose of social media for business in general. Although lets just throw in a meme for good … Continue reading Goals

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Changing Careers

There are a lot of stats about how many different careers my generation will have. So, I felt pretty okay about taking a leap into the unknown and completely switching career paths (see my first blog for a in depth discussion on THAT). But here is the thing about changing careers in your thirties. It manages … Continue reading Changing Careers

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Content, Content, and more Content.

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to participate in a ‘social media for non-profits’ course. It was very useful, though ironically, marketed wrong, as the speaker talked mainly about internet marketing and only briefly touched on social media. Which was fine as I learnt quite a lot, and now have something to write … Continue reading Content, Content, and more Content.

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The irony of writing a blog about motivation today is quite high. I’m going to meet Nicole and Sara for lunch in about an hour (#TacoTuesday) so I don’t have a lot of time to write something but it’s a pretty busy week so I need to get it done. I’ve carved out half an … Continue reading Motivation

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Slime Mold for Life

A little over two years ago, after the success of Whale Tales, one of my best friends (and fellow Whale Tales co-founders) Sara and I decided to start a small business together to offer our services (social media management and website design) to the world.  We didn’t really know if it would work and weren’t … Continue reading Slime Mold for Life

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Taking Time to #Unplug

Note: If this blog seems to have a bit of a different tone that is because it is adapted from one I wrote last summer. Since National Day of Unplugging is this weekend I thought it was appropriate to share now!  You may have heard of The National Day of Unplugging or something similar. It’s … Continue reading Taking Time to #Unplug

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My Life as a “Social Media Influencer…”

…Maybe? Hello. So, by now you’re read my last post about Whale Tales and are anxiously awaiting the story about how we took over Instagram. So that was probably a *slight* exaggeration but our IG following is pretty impressive. At time of posting this we have 17,873  followers which is crazy sauce!  It totally blows … Continue reading My Life as a “Social Media Influencer…”

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Out of My Comfort Zone

Presenting at LMME So this week I presented at the LMME (Lower Mainland Museum Educators) about social media. It was kind of a crazy process. Not only because I am vastly afraid of public speaking but when I was asked I was like, ‘whaaa? You want me? I’m not an expert!’ For a long time … Continue reading Out of My Comfort Zone

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Whale Tales – the Beginning

Well here we are. Eleven days into this new adventure (are you enjoying these real time updates? So exciting right?!) and hopefully putting up my first blog post tomorrow! #nervousbutexcited So. Social Media management. How the heck did I get into that? Well, let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) … Continue reading Whale Tales – the Beginning

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A Social Media What Now??

And I’m back. I am two days into my freedom while I write this (do you know how many times I’ve gotten the Braveheart Freedom gif sent to me in the past week?  A LOT) via GIPHY But I digress. The last few weeks at my job were odd. Things picked up and people were … Continue reading A Social Media What Now??

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