The Social Introvert

Welcome to the Social Introvert, a blog about social media marketing and my adventures in it.

Whale Tales – the Beginning

Well here we are. Eleven days into this new adventure (are you enjoying these real time updates? So exciting right?!) and hopefully putting up my first blog post tomorrow! #nervousbutexcited So. Social Media management. How the heck did I get into that? Well, let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) … Continue reading Whale Tales – the Beginning

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A Social Media What Now??

And I’m back. I am two days into my freedom while I write this (do you know how many times I’ve gotten the Braveheart Freedom gif sent to me in the past week?  A LOT) via GIPHY But I digress. The last few weeks at my job were odd. Things picked up and people were … Continue reading A Social Media What Now??

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Living the Dream

aka How I Drummed up the Nerve to Leave my Safe Boring Job for a Scary New Reality If you’re reading this, I’ve quit my job. Quit, after over 7 years working in a job I didn’t really want, with no super concrete positions just a plan and the hope that it will work out. … Continue reading Living the Dream

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