Plastic Free January?

Hello! I just wanted to post a quick update to check in your plastic free resolutions! It’s been six months since Plastic Free July-so how’s it going? Have you cut back on any single use items? Started buying items in bigger packages instead of multiple small ones? Taken advantage of the super great London Drugs/Recycle BC initiative??? (Apologizes to all those not living in BC, I’m sure you’ll have a chance soon-you can always save stuff for your BC relatives to take back with them like my sister did!?)

Whatever you’ve done-great! And don’t fret if you’ve fallen back into old habits. It happens, especially with the madness of the holiday season. But the first month of 2019 is almost over (eeeek!) so its time to look at your resolutions and decide on which ones you’ll actually be keeping! Check out all the Plastic Free July blogs I did to get some inspiration and tips.

PS: In case I forget-spring cleaning is coming up soon! Check out your municipal’s website for dates and locations for drop offs for things you want to get rid of and don’t know how. Clearing your house of unwanted stuff properly is a great way to clear your mind, feel accomplished and help transition into a sustainable 2019 (I did write this before Marie Kondo became a huge thing, I swear!)!


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