Staying Sane During Social Distancing

Hellooooo! Hope you’re doing well in the insanity. It’s sunny while I write this so that helps.

This morning during my run while I was doing my part by actively running away from people..

Anywho, if you don’t know what I’m referring to, its day three (for me at least) of self-isolation due to COVID-19. I am not quarantining, just social distancing and working from home for my one job that is normally in an office. As a digital marketer who is an introvert and often spends multiple days at a time alone, I thought I’d take some time discussing some of my tips to help stay sane in the current situation. I’ve been playing with the idea of writing something similar to this for a while now, about maintaining mental health while spending all your time online and this is just the extreme version of it. So far almost all the “tips to relax during this pandemic” posts I’ve seen have had “stay off social media as much as possible” as one of the top things to do…which is very unhelpful for social media managers. So I’m finding other ways to stay sane and many of them include gifs and comics which I will be using in this post so be prepared.


See, I told you

So, some tips, in no real order, just what I thought of on my run today. Also, I’m not an expert at anything so if you feel you need help, mentally or physically please seek one out.

-Read! If you’re into that kind of thing. We’ve had a great book club going for 8.5 years now and I am a pretty avid reader all the time. I’ve been reading a lot during this time, some of it total crap, some of it not and I feel good about my choices.

-Listen to podcasts. Great to have on during some work depending on what it is, also cleaning, doing dishes, stretching, waiting in line to get in the grocery store, whatever. I made a Podchaser list of some of my favs, especially for re listening with all your extra time.

-Run. It’s sunny here (brag much?) so I’m getting a lot of running done and that helps me get outside and clear my mind (I wrote a blog about running! Read it here). Exercise helps everyone and there are lots of apps or  YouTube videos or yoga classes going online right now so take some time to move around!


-Turn off whenever you can even if it’s just to settle down and do some non-online work (like writing a blog!). There are parts of my day that require me to check Twitter feeds. These times are not the best parts of my day but I can spend other parts of my work day doing tasks that don’t include a constant update of the horrible news so I’m working on finding a balance and then logging off completely when I can. See also: read, run.

-Connect with people and tell them about how you are feeling and ask them how they are (and follow up!). Everyone is feeling something new in this time. Group chats are great to help maintain a sense of community and realize that you’re not alone in your feelings.


Why is this not being used more?! Its so relevant.

-Video chats when possible! I recommend having an adorable 15-month-old in them if avaliable.

-Podcast Facebook groups! They are so random and amazing. And online groups/communities that you can join are great for random stranger support or just hilarious memes of shared interest.

-Wash your damn hands.

-Clean your phone and doorknobs and kindle and laptop and tablet and elevator buttons and car keys and everywhere you touch that’s a hard surface, especially when you are outside of your house.

-Track what makes you feel extra anxious and stop doing it if possible. I have stopped going on my personal Twitter a lot because it doesn’t help, and I can’t stop going on my other Twitter feeds. You can also unfollow people if they are posting non helpful things.

-Support artists online and local businesses if you can. Help the elderly and immunocompromised, again if you can, but don’t feel guilty if you can’t. Staying away from them is also helpful

-Binge watch whatever the f you want. Don’t stress about what Shakespeare or Isaac Newton did during past plagues. You do you. Learn to cook or knit, clean out your closet, write a play about an old king or don’t, it’s totally fine. This is the new world and random online people don’t get to tell you how you should be spending your time (except WASH YOUR HANDS).

-Go outside if you can. Enjoy the fresh air and the trees making love – horray for allergies?

-Have or make some fun snacks but remember vegetables still exist and are important. Don’t be the person who gets scurvy during the COVID outbreak.

So, this is what I have come up with. Again, it’s up to you on how to best deal with your time at home and with your mental well being so if these tips don’t help that’s ok. Just remember that this will end, regardless of what happens, we will see the other side and then one day we can tell all the COVID babies about how we all spent two weeks alone, binge watching Boy Meets World.


So head for home, wash your hands, put on your sweatpants and do what works for you. Be safe friends, talk soon.

PS: I didn’t find a place to put this meme in but I love it, it’s so perfect so enjoy it here:


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  1. awesome post…love it plus good information! so glad I’m allowed to re-read all my Agatha Christie books !

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