Goodbye 2020!

Hello! Here we are again after what feels like forever (and also not because time has no meaning anymore). My goal was to write twelve blog posts this year and I think my final count is…9! That is much better than I was expecting! I call that a 2020 win – I think I’ll have some advent calendar chocolate to celebrate (don’t worry I bought the fancy Lindt advent calendar this year because I am an adult who can do what she wants and also *gestures around*…you know!)

This wasn’t supposed to a be a year in review. In fact I don’t really want it to be. I don’t want to write how unprecedented this year is-in fact I kind of want to start a drinking game about how often I see that word-but I won’t (don’t worry mom). I’ve been trying to write something like this since August but all my creativity has just been zapped and so I’ve just kept pushing it back and trying and failing to think of something to write about, a purpose for a post. So, I guess waving as this year slowly sinks down into hell is as good a reason as any.


I don’t really even know what to talk about. You all know what happened. There was definitely some good stuff: a trip with my family at the end of the summer was definitely a highlight. My nephew being kind of the perfect age for video calls in the year of Zoom was a plus. I feel more connected with some friends because we made an effort to chat about super random things almost every day -including one memorable emoji game that entertained us for a good couple of months. ????????????

I had extra time on my hands (who didn’t?) but I surprised even myself in being motivated enough to increase my skill set with social media and video and digital marketing courses….to say things changed in these fields this year would be a MASSIVE understatement so trying to keep up and adapt was kind of a survival instinct. But as we round in to 2021, I feel armed with more knowledge about how to survive (and hopefully succeed!) in this now, more than ever, digital world.

I also ran a TON -I’m almost at 1000k for the year (hopefully the weather gods will let that succeed) and when the smoke from the California and Oregon wildfires hit I really started to get into yoga which was surprising but great. It makes me feel better especially mentally but more often than not, it’s a solid 20-30 minutes where I don’t have to think about anything else and that is what is most important. So much time alone = so much time to think and circle think yourself into drama or insane scenarios that you then stress about – and there was enough in reality to stress about!

Aside from running I did hit another of my original 2020 goals: podcast editing! I’m so glad that Sara is in my bubble of single ladies and we are still able to work together on not only work through Physarum but also Whale Tales and the Whale Tales Podcast and Nature Finds a Way!


Why use a gif of the real Single Ladies video when you can use this one?!

I love podcast editing (again-spending time not thinking about reality) and am very excited to get more into it in 2021… Also the episodes we did for both our podcasts this year were high on my highlight reel of 2020. Being utterly ridiculous with my friends is what I’m here for and the fact that other people enjoy it as well and keep coming back to listen to us astounds me constantly.

Well, I think that’ll do it for this ramble. Amazingly I wrote most of this while I was waiting for my coffee to reheat one random morning in early December so as glad as I am that creativity found a way back into my fingers (wow. That’s a weird sentence) the coffee is calling! ☕☕☕

So farewell for now friends. Thanks for sticking with me in this dumpster fire of a year and fingers crossed for a better 2021. In the immortal words of the Baby-sitter’s Club Club  (literally one of the top things that got me through this year): I Love You and I Kiss You ?

Now go clean your phone! 😛



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  1. funny and enjoyable read

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