Physarum Connections reflects the joint efforts of Lindsay and Sara to make a difference in the world around them. Sara does the website stuff and Lindsay does the social media stuff and together they try to help the people around them do whatever it is they do best.

Physarum polycephalum is a species of slime mold. Slime molds are great at finding and building connections really efficiently. We strive to be just as awesome at creating online communities.

Sara is a web developer who loves making custom WordPress themes and beautiful single page sites. She wants your site to be accessible, maintainable, and easily found through search engines (aka have awesome SEO). She loves tidepools and is a proud Ravenclaw!

Lindsay caught the social media bug when we started Whale Tales and loves the challenge of organizing multiple social media accounts and platforms. As time went on she discovered her love for podcast editing as well and now likes to balance her time between digital marketing and podcast production. She thrives on being organized, making lists, and nerding out over dinosaurs, cetaceans and West Wing.

Together Lindsay and Sara co-host Nature Finds a Way, a fictional biology podcast and also are two of the hosts of the Whale Tales podcast.

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