Podcast Editing

Podcasts popularity has risen exponentially in the last few years. As they are easy to start, relatively cheap and a great way to reach audiences, anyone can have one. After 3.5 years of podcast editing and production, I can help yours stand out in the crowd.

I offer a variety of different podcast packages to help you with your podcast at whatever stage you may be at:

Podcast Launch: Editing and production of trailer, intro and outros for future episodes, set up of hosting site and all podcast platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts etc.

Podcast Editing: Editing of episode, taking out filler words, silences, adding music and intros etc.

Podcast Editing Plus:  Editing of episode, uploading to hosting site, writing up your show notes and creation of a blog post on your website.

Podcast Editing Premium: Editing of episode, show notes and blog creation plus social media graphic and/or audiogram creation.

Additional Add Ons: I offer a variety of other items that can be added on to any package including but not limited to: full transcriptions of episodes, full audiograms of episodes for YouTube, assistance in creating your email newsletter, research and outreach to potential clients, communication with guests before and after episode launch and scheduling/posting of social media posts.

Podcast Editing Rates start at $120 Canadian per episode

Get in Touch to learn more

Video transcription, audiobook editing and video editing services coming soon, get in touch if you wish to discuss a future project.

Podcast Editing and Producing Experience include:

-The Small But Mighty Agency Podcast
-The Dance Centre Podcast
-The Whale Tales Podcast
-Charts & Hearts Podcast
-The Health Nonprofit Digital Marketing Podcast
-The Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast
-The Love.Heal.Thrive. Podcast (2022-2024)

For a full list of Lindsay’s work experience, head here

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